The health benefits of grapes

The health benefits of grapes

Most people know that grapes are grown on vines but very little about their health benefits. They can be eaten raw and are also used in making jam and preserves as well as wine. They are also used in many smoothies as they have a high water content and dont overpower citrus fruits.

A little bit about Grapes

Grapes are a berry and come in several different colors although the most common of these are red and white. The white ones are actually a light green color. Others include black, pink and orange. An interesting fact about them that some do not know is that raisins and currants are actually dried grapes. These are also used in different aspects of cooking, from muffins and other cakes to curries and stir frys.

A little bit of history

Grapes have been grown and used for centuries and there is evidence to show that they were used by the ancient egyptians as well as the Greeks and Romans. They too grew them for eating and for wine making. As time passed, they were also grown in Europe before spreading to North Africa and America. Nowadays, Italy, China and the USA are the top 3 producers of grapes in the world, although Spain produce the most for use in wine.

Essential nutrients in grapes

Grapes are packed full of essential nutrients such as Manganese, Vitamins (C and B6), riboflavin and pottasium. One of the most overlooked however is Resveratrol - this contains many antioxidant properties which studies have shown that this can be extremely beneficial. It is found in the skins and seeds of the grapes and is found in red wine, although there is a lesser amount in white wine too. Together, all of these mean that the benefits of grapes shouldnt be overlooked in your diet.

In 100g of grapes there are (approximatelty):

  • Calories: 69;
  • Carbohydrates: 18 g;
  • Proteins: 0.7g;
  • Fat: 0.16g.

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